Friday, May 4, 2018

Costumes for the Reenactment

We are one week away and I still have some of you missing pieces of your outfit.  Costumes were due on April 30.  You were first notified of this in January and many times in between now and then.  A month ago, I talked to each of you up individually to ask if you needed any assistance with parts of your outfit.  I've had sewing machines in class for two months and the last two weeks I have women from the Daughters of the American Revolution come to school to help sew costumes.  I know it is not always easy to talk to your teachers about having something for your costume but some of you did and we were happy to help.
I know I said no late grade during fourth quarter, but I am willing to over look that on this assignment if you have the parts by Monday.  I won't be able to sew next week, but I do have some extra pieces to lend out.  If you need something, let me know as soon as possible on Monday.
Thanks and have a good weekend!
Mr. von Kamp