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Chapter 8 Section 1 - Washington Takes Office


After taking the oath of office, President Washington and the new Congress had to make many decisions about the structure of the new government. They created departments within the executive branch, a court system, and added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights protected individual liberties, such as freedom of speech and the right to a trial by jury.

While Washington focused his attention on foreign affairs, Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of the treasury, was left to tackle the nation’s large financial debt. He proposed that the Confederation government repay debts owed to individual American citizens and countries. As a compromise to Southerners who thought this favored the North, Hamilton supported a plan to locate the nation’s capital in the South. Hamilton also asked Congress to create a national bank, and proposed a tariff on imported products to encourage the growth of American industry.

The new government faced many challenges. In Pennsylvania, farmers angry about a tax on whiskey staged the Whiskey Rebellion. Washington decided to exert his power and used force to crush this revolt.

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Guided Reading - Chapter 8 Section 1 - Washington Takes Office

Alexander Hamilton - Secretary of the Treasury (money/economic issues)
Thomas Jefferson - Secretary of State (international affairs)
Henry Knox - Secretary of War (defense)
Edmund Randolph - Attorney General (legal matters)

Why does the President need a cabinet?

What are the jobs of today's cabinet secretaries?

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George Washington's Precedents

A.) Neutrality in Foreign Affairs
B.) 2-term Presidency
C.) Use of Force To Enforce The Law (Whiskey Rebellion)
D.) Calling the Cabinet to Offer Advice
E.) How to address the President: Being called "Mr. President"
F.) First to make inauguration speech

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When Hamilton took office as Secretary of Treasury, he created a financial plan that would
1. create a national bank
2. pay off war debts
3. put a tariff on imported goods that would hopefully encourage industrialization in America.
The South supported the plan after they were promised that a new capital city would be built in the South.

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Whiskey Rebellion
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