Friday, August 26, 2016

Chapter 2 Section 1 - The Age of Exploration

During the 1400s and 1500s, a number of daring explorers started the exploration to find a sea route to Asia. Portugal, lacking a port on the Mediterranean, took the lead in finding a sea route to India by sailing south and east around the tip of Africa. Sponsored by Queen Isabella of Spain, Christopher Columbus sailed west and reached the Americas, although he thought he had arrived in India. Both Spain and Portugal wanted to protect their claims, and so agreed to divide control of the world using an imaginary line running through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Guided Reading (AKA Notetaking and study guide) - Chapter 2 Section 1

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The Columbian Exchange

Click here to read more about the Columbian Exchange and "the tsunami of biological exchange" after the voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome to a new school year!

Class Expectations
1. You will bring your supplies to class, including book, assignment book, folder, pencil, and paper.
Ustedes tienen que traer sus propios cosas a classe, incuyendo libro, libro de trabajar, folder, lapiz, y papel.

2. You will complete all assignments on time.
Ustedes completara los trabajos a la hora.

3. You will take your seat upon entering the room and get ready to begin class.
Ustedes se sentara en su asiento despues que entrar en la sala y preparara para empezar la classe.

4. Respect one another.
Respeta los otros.

Improving Your Grade 
1. Turn assignments in on time.
2. Study. This blog is a great tool. Use it!
3. Turn in any missing or late work. Check Progress Book to see if you are missing assignment!
4. Correct and turn in assignments with low grades.
5. The last week of a grading period I will not take any late or missing work.

Read your Textbook Online!
Register to read or listen to your textbook online. You will get a handout in the next few days to help you register.

Contact me with questions about your projects and assignments.
Email -
Phone - I need to find out the new school number and extension number.
Check your grades on Progress Book

Textbooks must be covered. Please, do not use a stretchable book cover. Our history books are large and the strechable book covers tend to pull on the cover and binding.

HOMEWORK - Homework Policy due by Friday.  Cover your textbook by Monday.

HOMEWORK POLICY - LINK if you lost or forgot your paper